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After studying the human acupressure and veterinary acupuncture books, I decided to draw my own illustrations for quick reference since none of the books I found had easy to understand charts. I figured others may have the same problem so I put my illustrations together in 2 Volumes.The “Animal Acupressure Illustrated” books are designed to make acupressure practical and easy to use for your pet. With over forty common ailments covered in the easy to follow treatment charts for each animal. The tools to make new charts for uncommon ailments are included. Written in common language, with instructions on applying pressure and preparing yourself and your pet for treatments. Location descriptions of acupoints accompany each chart to avoid any confusion and inconvenience when using the treatments. Acupressure care designed to complement your Veterinarians care and give you tools to help keep your pet healthy for a long happy life.

Animal Acupressure Illustrated Volume 1 Small Animals, contains charts and treatments for the cat, dog, ferret, guinea piglizard, parrot and rabbit.

Animal Acupressure Illustrated Volume 2 Farm Animals, contains charts and treatments for the cow, goat, horse, llama, pigpoultry and sheep.

Each of the 14 animals from volumes 1 and 2 are also available in their own individual “Animal Acupressure Illustrated” book.

When using acupressure always get your vets diagnosis first. Do everything he suggests and the meds. Only add acupressure as an extra treatment to boost recovery. Make sure you have a good veterinarian.

Acupressure is fairly easy to learn. You use finger pressure, no needles. I have found the benefits are extraordinary with my pets. See the narrative section for some of their stories.