Here is an example of how the books are laid out so you can make an informed decision as to how well they will work for you.

Below are 2 sample pages from the treatments section

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dogsampleSample 1

On the left side of the first example, you see the ailments covered for this chart.
Choose the ailment with the symptoms that most closely represent your pets problem.
The acupoints you need to use are listed next to the symptoms.
The illustration on the right gives you a visual of where to find the acupoints.
Across the bottom are location descriptions for each acupoint to better help you locate them.





Sample 2

The meridians and vessels charts have an illustration with the acupoints charted and the path of the meridian or vessel.

Each acupoint has a location description and a list of uses.
These charts can be used to learn the meridians and vessels or to make your own charts for ailments not covered in the book.