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Q. Are the books available in stores?
A. Any bookstore or retailer can order them for you. There are also some ebay shops selling them.

Q. I am a retail store and want to carry your books, how do I order them?
A. If you currently carry books, your book dealer can get them for you. If you don’t have a book dealer and have a retailers license you can buy directly from the publisher Create Space. You have to set up an account with them to get them at the whole sale price. Here is the link to do that.   www.createspace.com/info/createspacedirect

Q. Why are the charts of skeletons? I can’t see the skeleton, my dog is covered in soft beautiful hair.
A.The majority of acupoints are in dips between joints and along bones. The skeletal chart is so you can see what you are feeling for. Also there are location descriptions for each acupoint on each chart to assist you.

Q. Why aren’t the charts in color?
A. To keep the cost down. Color may look pretty but is not necessary to help you help your pet. I want the books to be available to as many people to help their pets as possible.

Q. Could you make a book for people in the same format as the animal books?
A. I am currently working on a people book. If you like the Facebook page you will get updates on its progress. It will show up on the website as soon as it is available.