Read how these 7 animals were helped by acupressure


My 6 yr old lab/bloodhound mix



10 year old wethered Barbado sheep



 3 year old male Buff Orpington Duck
duck0022Chang was partially paralyzed from the hips down one evening when I went out to feed. He could move his feet and legs, but not hold himself up. I brought him in the house and began reading about duck diseases in my Merck veterinary manual. Much to my surprise, waterfowl are very susceptible to having strokes. I can’t verify that was the problem, but it was my best guess, not many poultry doctors to call him to have him checked out. I massaged his Bladder Meridian a couple times a day and  for his heart. We also did rehab swimming in the bathtub for an hour a day. After about a week he was doing well enough to go back out in the pasture.



4 year old Rooster
rooster0060Patrick was a limp, floppy bird one evening. A friend of mine was over to the house and took one look at him and said “I think he’s had it”. I massaged his Bladder Meridian a few times, put him in a box and hoped for the best. The next day he was as good as new. I have used the massage on the Bladder Meridian on many birds since then and they respond very well to it. I start at BL 10 and work down to BL 40 repeated 3 times. I use this massage on all the animals, it opens the chi flow though out the body. I haven’t met an animal that doesn’t enjoy it.




10 year old Small dog



6 year old Pot Bellied Pig
pennythe pigOne morning when I went out to feed the animals my pot bellied pig Penny had not eaten all her dinner from the night before. This has never happened before, right away I was worried. I found her in her house, she had a slight fever and was belching a lot. I figure she had some kind of intestinal or stomach problem. I used acupressure on her for constipation and immunity boost just in case it was something else.


8 month old Cat