Read how these 6 animals were helped by acupressure


10 year old wethered Barbado sheep
martockMartock began having seizures. Occasionally he would stiffen up and tip over then shiver a little. Afterwards he would walk around not being able to see anything in front of him, his eyes would not focus. Sheep see separately with each eye on the sides of them and combine the eyes to focus and see in front of them. He was not tame, when the temporary blindness hit you could walk up and catch him only from the front, he could still see you coming from the side. Read more



 3 year old male Buff Orpington Duck
duck0022Chang was partially paralyzed from the hips down one evening when I went out to feed. He could move his feet and legs, but not hold himself up. I brought him in the house and began reading about duck diseases in my Merck veterinary manual. Read more



4 year old Rooster
rooster0060Patrick was a limp, floppy bird one evening. A friend of mine was over to the house and took one look at him and said “I think he’s had it”. I massaged his Bladder Meridian a few times, put him in a box and hoped for the best. The next day he was as good as new. I have used the massage on the Bladder Meridian on many birds since then and they respond very well to it. I start at BL 10 and work down to BL 40 repeated 3 times. I use this massage on all the animals, it opens the chi flow though out the body. I haven’t met an animal that doesn’t enjoy it.




10 year old Small dog
vegaMy neighbor found a dog in his work parking lot and thought she had a broken leg. He called me to come take a look at her when he got her home. I couldn’t find anything obviously broken and suspected it was her back or hip that was the problem. I asked him if he was going to keep her and he said He would probably take her to the pound in the morning. I talked him into letting me take her so I could take her to the vet in the morning instead. He agreed, and I took her home and made her comfortable for the night. Read more



6 year old Pot Bellied Pig
pennythe pigOne morning when I went out to feed the animals my pot bellied pig Penny had not eaten all her dinner from the night before. This has never happened before, right away I was worried. I found her in her house, she had a slight fever and was belching a lot. I figure she had some kind of intestinal or stomach problem. I used acupressure on her for constipation and immunity boost just in case it was something else. Read more


8 month old Cat
HypnoOne evening I came home and found my cat Hypno in the rabbit cage slumped in the rabbit’s water dish. At first glance I thought he was dead and that Victor the rabbit had beat him up. I quickly realized he was still breathing and pulled him out of the cage and rushed into the house, his left eye was popping out of his head. Hypno was not moving, very limp, and breathing rapidly out of his mouth.Read more